We are delighted to invite you to Brazil to participate in the 13th International Forum on Low Back Pain Research in Primary Care that will be held in Campos do Jordão, Brazil from 30th of September to 3rd of October, 2014.

Brazil is a thriving and vibrant country. It is a land for all people where diverse cultures converge to form a unique friendly place. Brazil is naturally exuberant and is home to the world’s largest tropical rain forest. While in the east we find the Atlantic Ocean and its famous beaches such as Rio de Janeiro in the west the wet season forms the famous rich natural environment of Pantanal. It is a modern, democratic and free country. With its continental dimensions, Brazil is home to over 200 million people that are proud to speak a single language – Portuguese. Brazil is a rising star in the world’s economy but its biggest asset is still its people and their natural talent for hospitality. We are inviting you to come to Brazil for the 13th Low Back Pain Forum.

The conference will be held in Campos do Jordão – SP, a small town, two-hour drive from the largest city in Brazil – São Paulo. Campos do Jordão is a beautiful, warm, and welcoming town, which will provide a perfect setting for the many colleagues from all over the globe. From Campos do Jordão conference attendees can quickly reach São Paulo and be connected to any region in Brazil for exciting travel.

Back pain results in worldwide financial and societal burden. By hosting the conference in Brazil we will offer the scientific community attending the Forum a perfect opportunity to explore back pain in a global context. This is one of the main themes of the Forum. We will also revisit the issue of causation in back pain, a theme that we believe has been under appreciated. We aim to challenge the discussion of these themes, along with others such as prognosis and contemporary management, under the dichotomous framework of whether the field is simplying a complex condition or complicating a simple one.

The Forum is an ideal place to challenge current thoughts and provide a fertile land for new ideas to emerge. We are proud to hold the next Forum in Brazil, a place where the old meets the new and where the fine friendly spirit inspires good thoughts.

The local organizing committee